League 2000 Marshalling Duties – 2015

Date Marshals
April 13  A.Ackerley, A.Ackerley, H.Tanfield, J.Sullivan
April 27  D.Peacock, T.Levell, V.Howe, P.Howe
May 4  P.Christon, M.Christon, J.Meadows, K.Stokes
May 18  R.Lilleker, C.Jemson
June 1  J.Kelly (Jnr), L.O’Leary, C.Tanfield
June 15  I. Thompson, R.Carter, P.Meadows
June 29  G. McClements, J.Kelly (Snr), P.Rogers
July 13  B.Watson, K.Blakey
July 27  C.Moore, R.Stocks
August 10  S.Coates, M.Campbell
August 24  E.Hutchinson, M.Rigby
August 31  F.Montague, C.Maynard

Could you turn up at 6.15 pm on your particular evening at the Middlesbrough Cycling Circuit.

To find out what you will be doing please see the list of jobs here.

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