CW membership renewals for 2016

Hi wheelers.

Thanks to the many of you that have renewed your memberships subs for 2016 already. For the rest of you I need to press you for your subscriptions as soon as possible before the Kirton closes! On Nov 30th after which I will be crossing people off the membership and removing from Facebook members page and mailing lists. There are still well over 100 people to renew so please help me to help you and renew your memberships before the cut off date or let me know if you don’t wish to rejoin.

The online payment is the preferred option. It’s easier for me, and easier for you. Just follow the link below to renew. Just to note that the SES system dose not recognise existing members unfortunately so please just complete all the fields as if you are a new member regardless of how long you have been with the club. The system is just a means of payment, plus we can keep your details updated at the same time. ( please note there is an SES admin charge of 60p )

Anyone who still wishes to pay by cash or cheque I’m going to relax on the payment methods and start to take cash subs again. I will dig my note book, pencil and plastic wallet out of retirement. I will be able to take payment at club runs and various other Cleveland Wheelers venues, or simply stick it through my door with a note.

Renewal fee is £10 adults, £5 juniors 16/17 years old. Free for under 16s

You can also pay by cheque made payable to Cleveland Wheelers and post it through my door (6 Glendue close, Nunthorpe, Middlesborough, TS70QN). If you’re posting cheques then please check with me that it has arrived as they have a habit of going missing in the post! I’m not taking bank transfers or PayPal this year as we have the online system in place and things become too complicated.

For under 16s I just need to know that juveniles will be staying with the club. No need to fill out any forms again. To be fair, most parents have already informed me as to what their children are doing next year so that list is almost complete.

For anyone who isn’t planning on rejoining the club, please just let me know. It’s much easier that way.

Please disregard this e mail if you’re an over 70s life member, honorary member, have paid recently or you joined the club on or after July 1st of this year. Any questions regarding your membership status then please just let me know.

Thanks, Dave k