Club Runs

Changes to Club Run Times, Starting Weekend Sat 12th/Sun 13th September

Hi, club run riders.

Following some constructive comments on the club survey, plus continuing
confusion with club run set off times I have reviewed the group start times.
Many of you would like to start earlier, plus I would like a half hour gap
minimum between all groups otherwise there’s a tendency to say “let’s all
just ride together” and I’m afraid it just doesn’t work, plus the fact that
the groups become too big.

So as of next weekend 12th and 13th September these will be the set off
times. All leaving from Ayton Tourist Info car park.

Fast group. 09.00 Sunday. 17-19mph. 50-70 miles

Medium group. 09.30 Sunday. 16-17mph. 40-50 miles

Steady group. 10.00 Saturday and Sunday. 15mph. 25-35 miles.

I’m not going to bother organising medium and fast groups on Saturdays as
these tend to be self-organising on Facebook as and when people wish to
ride. Whereas the steady eddies ride is the main intro ride for new and
steadier riders, it’s also become popular with those recovering from injury
or just wanting a really nice recovery ride. So I would like to keep the
momentum going with this group on top of the great ride leading from Julie
McNicolas that has helped to establish it. We may have to adjust the time of
the fast group in the depths of winter but again the fast group tends to be
self-organising and the times for the fast group can be adjusted via
Facebook as required.

So Please don’t forget these start times this weekend and please try to
decide which group you’re going to ride with before leaving home.

Thanks for your attention, Dave k