Charity Events

Charity Ride – Captain Cook Square – Wed 3 June 2015

This is a charity event that Middlesbrough Environment City (MEC) are co-ordinating whereby groups of riders plan to cycle the distance of Lands End to John O’Groats on static bikes in one day. The charity is for Cervical Cancer Screening awareness.

The challenge will take place on Wednesday 3rd June in Captain Cook Square, Middlesbrough. There will be six bikes racking up the 874 miles, which equates to an average of 145 miles per bike between 6am and 10pm (a period of 14 hours – average speed of just over 10mph continuous cycling).

The intention is that people from different organisations/workplaces and the community to attend on the day and cycle for short sessions to get the miles up. This is likely to mean a low average (as people stop/start and not really put some power in), so the organisers are looking for people to volunteer to put some fast paced miles in to keep the target on track, particularly in the early morning and late evening when finding willing participants may be a struggle!

The organisers are trying to allocate volunteers to half hour slots during the day. If you’re willing to volunteer for one (or more) of these slots please get in touch with Chris Orr. Chris is Middlesbrough Council’s Cycling Officer and can be contacted on 01642 728196 or

Spread the word – the more the merrier.

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