Racing Road

Phillip Russell Memorial Road Race, April 19th 2015

Some shots from the Phillip Russell Memorial Road Race on April 19th, mainly focusing on the CWCC team, naturally.

Well done to all those who took part, helped out and supported, in particular congratulations to Andy Curson on his 4th place and to Ian Sheppard who went for the line and “won” one lap too soon! Early days in his racing career and he’s bound to come good soon.

Thanks to Debbie Pine for the photos.


11150619_10153306735802835_1013244584660617618_n 11008549_10153306736002835_545389842910391231_n 11013311_10153306736322835_3427129733896454307_n 18813_10153306736457835_7566682942138930641_n 10340167_10153306736557835_1263096874707391324_n 11174913_10153306736837835_6275344424333595762_n 11168893_10153306737012835_4286414469786252597_n 11164597_10153306737152835_2632593268333129156_n 11146472_10153306737372835_6538199995601845603_n 11109108_10153306737647835_8743814395925431881_n 11127646_10153306738127835_1649202086793828085_n 11102722_10153306738717835_5590686256034093715_n

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