Club Runs

Tuesday night club runs, starting 31st March. Meet 6pm for 6.10 set off. Ayton tourist Info car park

Hi Wheelers,

As the clocks go forward this weekend, we are going to get cracking with the Tuesday night club runs straight away starting next Tuesday 31st March, 6pm meeting at Great Ayton tourist info car park for a 6.10pm set off. We will probably keep the first ride brief just to get the ball rolling and flashing lights for getting home will certainly be needed for the first few weeks.
Just to let new members know what the Tuesday nights are all about. We have been doing these for two years now and the original idea was to have a mixed ability social / training ride for all abilities. It’s certainly proved a good introduction for new riders to the club and sometimes the numbers have become massive. So that we can manage the mixed abilities we keep to short circuits such as Easby loops, or the hilly routes of Commondale bus stop and back or clay bank repeats. This way we can all set off together, then ride around as fast or as slow as you wish, then regroup to ride back. Most people know what training they need to do, it’s also a good night for new riders to seek out advice and learn the ropes of club riding. When the really nice warm nights eventually arrive? We often meet back at the Buck at Ayton for a drink, soft drinks or water of course!

We will probably start with a few Easby loops next week, but there are usually so many people turning up now that groups can go off and do whatever they wish. Some riders like to do a fast chain gang through the lanes which is fine and some like to do the extra Commondale loop back around Castleton and Hob Hole. The only stipulation is that if not many turn up then new or steadier riders are always catered for first. If I’m there then I don’t mind taking any steadier riders on the mixed ability runs as I prefer the hilly routes or Easby loops anyway but I can’t always be there so please can the experienced riders always take account of who’s out and try to look after everyone. We were all new to it once!

I think whilst the weather is still cold we will dispense with the regrouping. We can just ride out, do the training and people can head home once they have had enough. Apologies for the long winded message but I just want to set our stall out for what is going to happen. Oh and finally, just use your own judgement with the weather. If its horrendous then presume its probably off. although it is surprising the conditions that riders will turn up in these days!

Looking forward to it, thanks, Dave Kirton

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