Club Runs

A Good Weekend

Its been a  good weekend of club runs this weekend. 16 or so for both days of the Very Steady group (with some people out both days), and 14 or so in both the Steady and Fast groups today. Good riding, well disciplined with little or no incident (one minor tangle in the Very Steadies today) and importantly no one being left behind to fend for themselves. In addition there was an excellent turn out for Marcus’s Strength Training Program in Saltburn.
Well done and a big thank you to all those ride leaders who turned up.
On another note, winter is most definitely coming, so it’s time for everyone to get mudguards fitted. In fact they’re a requirement if you’re coming on a club run in winter. Crud RoadRacer are my preferred guards, though some prefer SKS Raceblades. Others are also probably available. You pays your money and you takes your choice…

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