Anthony Moy

Anthony Moy, resplendent in new Wheelers club kit.

Name: Anthony Moy

Age: 44

Started out on mountain bikes and was a reluctant convert to road biking, taking one of his mates’ “hand me downs” at a knock down price to “see how it goes”. Since that day though,  the mountain bike has rarely left the garage, and he’s even bought himself a proper bike. Or two.

Anth joined Cleveland Wheelers a year or so ago and started riding the regular club runs and taking part in sportives. Fitness and competitiveness has rocketed, to the point where he thought he might try his hand at this racing lark. Being involved in some painful & expensive crashes hasn’t deterred him at all and he recently turned in his best finish to date at Prissick.

Favourite cyclist:

Chris Froome

Favourite band:



  • The thrill of the chase
  • Humiliating his mates on the midweek rides
  • Good food


  • Rude people
  • Getting his wallet out

Ambitions for 2014:

  • A top 10 finish or two and some BC points

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