Egton Bridge to Egton


Distance 0.9 miles

Max Gradient claimed 33%

Where do you find it?

A great way to this climb is to do the Limber Hill climb first (climb number 42) then
take the right turn a short while after the top. This takes you down a steep and
straight descent that lasts for about half a mile. The road swings to the left and follows
the River Esk which is on your right, this stunning short stretch of road takes you to a
T junction. Go left here under the bridge, the Postgate Inn is on your left and this is
where the climb starts, it’s a beautiful part of the world here. You could also get here
having crossed over Egton High Moor from Rosedale or Stape, maybe taking in the
descent through Delves, again a great though more involving route to get here.


The road starts to go up from the Postgate Inn and is steep straight away, like Limber
Hill. I’m not convinced it achieves the 33% claimed on the sign, but it’s at least 25%
and carries on at this gradient as your make your way around the left turn. It is hard
going out of the saddle stuff and if it went on for much longer at this gradient it would
be a really tough test but it eases as it makes its way through a wooded section then
Egton Village. It’s uphill all the way but once you’ve got the initial steep section out of
the way it never reaches more than 12-15% and is often a lot less than this so you get
plenty of opportunities for recovery. The climb ends in Egton itself and there is a
conveniently situated bench at a little green near the junction if you want to take a well
earned rest and take in the view!


A good descent where you can carry good speed as the road is quite wide and well
surfaced, watch out for traffic though, especially if the weather’s good as the Inn at the
bottom is very popular.

Sheep Rating

I have seen sheep near the road here but it’s not a sheep hotspot.


The start of the climb with the steepest section first up
The start of the climb with the steepest section first up
The next section through the trees
The next section through the trees
The top in Egton, the bench is at the end of the village
The top in Egton, the bench is at the end of the village

Our Ratings and Comments

Paul 6 – An enjoyable climb of good character which is tree covered on the lower
section and goes through the village of Egton on the upper section so is sheltered
from the elements, unlike a lot of the climbs on this site. Once over the steep lower
section it is actually quite an enjoyable climb, if there is such a thing!

10 Fetch a nurse!
9 Dinner plate required
8 Licking the front wheel
7 Handlebar snapper
6 Light up all the boilers!
5 It’s a difficult one (a homage to Sean Kelly)
4 Dancing on the pedals
3 Big ring
2 No problem
1 Where’s the slope?

2 replies on “Egton Bridge to Egton”

Hi, although the pictures are of Egton Bridge to Egton, the description is for Roxby. Just letting you know as I’m intending to do this climb for the first time tomorrow (I normally go up Broomhouse Hill). Regards Chris

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