Carlin How Bank

Distance 0.4 miles

Max Gradient around 10%

Where do you find it?

Heading north on the A174 Whitby to Saltburn coast road you will come across this climb probably after descending Loftus Bank, unless you have ascended Boulby Bank and then ridden down into Skinningrove.


One of many testing little coastal climbs between Whitby and Saltburn this climb is worthy of inclusion for its alpine style hairpin near the bottom which makes it pleasing to the eye and gives it a bit of added character. I think that the climb about a mile further up the coast into Brotton is probably harder, as is the adjoining Loftus Bank directly opposite. It is also a climb that most local riders are familiar with and I can recall many occasions where I have found it harder than I think it ought to be when riding back from a testing day out on the moors or when I’m making my way back from Whitby.

You can normally carry enough momentum from the descent of Loftus Bank opposite to get you to the hairpin without any real effort. Once round this it is simply a case of riding steadily up the constant gradient which will take you under the rail bridge up to the top at Carlin How itself. The gradient is more or less even the whole way up at around 8-10%.


It’s a good surface and a great descent when dry, if only because you can sweep round the hairpin like they do on the Tour! Don’t sweep too wide though, oncoming traffic and all that…

Dave’s Sheep Rating

Like its twin Loftus Bank you’d have to be unlucky to encounter a sheep here.



The hairpin just after the start
The hairpin just after the start
The upper section after the hairpin
The upper section after the hairpin

Our Ratings and Comments

Paul – 2. One of the easiest climbs on this site but because it sometimes comes at the end of a long testing ride (for me at least) it can seem harder than it should.

Note the ratings are :-

  1. Where’s the slope?
  2. No problem
  3. Big ring
  4. Spinning a gear
  5. It’s a difficult one (a homage to Sean Kelly)
  6. Light up all the boilers!
  7. Handlebar snapper
  8. Licking the front wheel
  9. Dinner plate required
  10. Fetch a nurse!

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