Tuesday night club run 28th April.

Hi wheelers. The weathers not looking so good this Tuesday I’m afraid, so this week we will revert to clockwise Easby/Ingleby loops with the option of a fast group going off to do a chain gang around the country lanes.
Please meet at Ayton tourist info car park at 6pm for 6.10 set off. All welcome/mixed ability. Steady and medium groups to do Easby loops. Fast group possible option of chain gang. Please ensure there is a gap of at least 1 minute as the groups roll out the car park as to avoid any confusion. Ride steady in your groups for 1 lap of the easby course, then as fast as you like, regrouping back at the Buck at Ayton for 7.30 if you wish. See you all there.

Thanks, Dave k

Tuesday night mixed ability club run, 6pm, Ayton

Hi wheelers. Due to popular demand and good weather, the prescription for this week is the commondale bus stop ride. Please meet at Ayton tourist info car park as usual at 6pm for a 6.10 set off and organise your selfs in to steady, medium and fast groups. All welcome. Unfortunately last week no one appeared to hear my instructions to leave a gap between groups and I didn’t find out till the end of the ride that everyone had followed the fast group straight out of the car park and some chaos had apparently ensued. So this week the ride leaders will be making sure a gap of a minute is left. Ride steady in your groups to Kildale, then as fast as you wish up to commondale bus stop. Option for anyone who wishes to continue on and do the Castleton, dibble bridge loop or commondale bank repeats. Regroup back at the Buck at Ayton if you wish. I won’t be there I’m afraid so please have an enjoyable and tidy ride.

Thanks, Dave k

Phillip Russell Memorial Road Race, April 19th 2015

Some shots from the Phillip Russell Memorial Road Race on April 19th, mainly focusing on the CWCC team, naturally.

Well done to all those who took part, helped out and supported, in particular congratulations to Andy Curson on his 4th place and to Ian Sheppard who went for the line and “won” one lap too soon! Early days in his racing career and he’s bound to come good soon.

Thanks to Debbie Pine for the photos.


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CWCC Evening Series Week 1 Results

Result of the 8.7 Mile Time Trial.      Week No:  1              Date:  16.4.2015
Seamer – Hutton Rudby – Tame Bridge Circuit
Scratch Times Handicap Times
Name Time Name Time
1 Richard Lilleker 21. 07 1 Toby Tanfield 19:25
2 James Meadows 21. 28 2 James Meadows 19:28
3 Dave Kirton 21. 55 3 Phil Meadows 20:21
4 Robert Lee 22. 11 4 Ross Turner 20:22
4 Phil Meadows 22. 11 5 Dave Kirton 20:25
6 Ian Shepard 22. 14 6 Darren Pine 20:27
7 Steve Turner 22. 16 7 Mike Cole 20:32
8 Darren Pine 22. 32 8 Kath Blakey 20:46
9 Toby Tanfield 22. 50 9 Paul McGough 20:50
10 Shaun O’Shea 22. 53 10 Richard Lilleker 20:52
11 Richie Burnicle 23. 01 11 Colin Moore 20:55
12 Paul McGough 24. 10 12 Barbara Kettle 20:58
13 Stewart Tanfield 24. 17 13 Tony Main 21:03
13 Ross Turner 24. 17 13 Shaun O’Shea 21:03
15 Neil Dawson 24. 29 13 David Smith 21:03
16 Angela Ackerley 24. 45 14 Neil Dawson 21:04
17 Nick Ellis 24. 50 14 Ian Shepard 21:04
18 Tony Main 25. 38 15 Nick Ellis 21:05
19 Steve Tilley 25. 55 16 Kevin Webster 21:06
20 Kath Blakey 26. 01 16 Richie Burnicle 21:06
21 Roger Oldroyd 26. 22 16 Robert Lee 21:06
22 Colin Moore 26. 25 16 Steve Turner 21:06
23 Mke Cole 26. 27 17 Sandra Main 21:07
24 Keith Alderson 26. 45 17 Stewart Tanfield 21:07
25 David Smith 27. 18 18 Angela Ackerley 21:10
26 Kevin Webster 28. 56 19 Roger Oldroyd 21:42
27 Barbara Kettle 29. 23 20 Paige McLeod 21:45
28 Robin Stocks 30. 33 21 Steven Tilly 22:30
29 Paige McLeod 31. 05 22 Keith Alderson 22:45
30 Sandra Main 33. 22 23 Robin Stocks 23:38
Roger Davies DNF
Lee o’Leary DNF
Second Claim Members.
Andrew Ackerley 21. 51
Mike Holtby 22. 13
Ellis Hutchinson 22. 18
Paul Riley 22. 23
Chris Wood 22. 23
John Wilson 23. 17
Other C.W.C.C Members
Deborah Cliff 29. 42
Danielle Colmer DNF

Tuesday night mixed ability training / social ride. Great Ayton 6pm

Hi wheelers and guest riders. The Tuesday night club run got off to a fantastic start last week with a massive turn out. Well over 30 riders I think. However I would just like to appeal for calm. Many of us, particularly myself! Got a bit excited last week and it did descend in to a bit of a road race. Probably not ideal for safety on the open roads or our popularity with our motorist friends, also not ideal for encouraging new riders. So please this week can we put the emphasis back on to fast group ride training, through and off and keeping it together as a unit rather than trying to destroy each other. Also with the numbers being so high i would like steady, medium and fast groups to form before we leave the car park rather than on the road so that the steadier or newer riders don’t feel like they have been ejected straight out of the back of the group. Also I’m going to make the Buck at Ayton the default regrouping place between 7.15-7.30ish for anyone who wishes to meet back up for the social bit after any of the training rides this year.

Weather looks good again for this Tuesday, the plan is to ride in our groups steady to Easby, turn right to Ingleby Greenhow, then turn right to Broughton. Begin the group work here, heading towards Broughton, fast tempo riding up clay bank / no attacking! Then very steady descending down the steep side with caution all the way to the T junction to allow the group to come back together. Then repeat. 3 loops for fast and medium groups, 2 loops for steady group. Head back to the Buck at Ayton for regrouping or straight home. Please can the experienced riders help me to try and coordinate this new plan. We will keep this format all year, just varying the routes.

Anyone wishing to join in for the first time your very welcome. Please meet at Ayton tourist info car park at 6pm for a 6.10pm start. A steady group averaging around 15mph will be formed at the car park so that all abilities are able to come along and enjoy the ride.

Thanks, Dave


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