Youth Committee

As part of being a Go-Ride club, we support the notion that all clubs should let their youth riders have a voice. The Cleveland Wheelers fully supports their youth committee and the key members are listed below. Their role is to support the needs of any other youth riders including themselves. If anyone has anything that they would like to put forward, they can contact any of the youth committee about their query, which will then be passed onto a member of the main committee and the matter will be raised in one of their upcoming meetings.

  • Paige McLeod – Chairwoman
  • Danielle Colmer – Vice Chairwoman
  • Niamh Stinton – Spokesperson

Not only will these roles build their leadership and communication skills in a practical environment, but also help towards growth and development. This is a fantastic place to start and it can be further developed through the Cycling Award for Young Volunteers (CAYV) programme run by British Cycling. This is an excellent pathway in becoming a young volunteer and opens many doors into coaching and potential work in the outside world! Click here for more information.

If anyone is interested in a role or position on the Youth Committee, or is interested in the Cycling Award for Young Volunteers (CAYV) programme then please contact our Youth Development Officer here.