Graeme Tate

Name: Graeme Tate

Age: 32

Former road racer in his teens and winning Silver the Junior Regional RR Champs when he was 18, Graeme left the sport and only recently has returned and re-joined the club after nearly 10 years absence. He has rode with a number of local teams including Godley’s Cycles and Achieve Coaching on the comeback trail but now thinks that he’s found the perfect club in the form of the Cleveland Wheelers; primarily down to the camaraderie and the selfless friendly members. While being part of the Club Graeme says that he’s gained some great friends and its those that make him push himself that bit further.

Graeme is one of the smallest members in the club at only 5’7, but due to his small stature he’s quite proficient when climbing hills. He also enjoys riding the local sportive Time Trials and road racing and although he doesn’t process a very good sprint he has a good turn of speed and has gained some reasonable placing’s over the last year.


  • 2nd Regional Junior Road race Champs 1998
  • Marmotte 2013 gold time finisher on first attempt.
  • Cleveland Wheelers evening TT Series. (Runner-up)


  • Riding in the hills
    Taking part in local challenge rides
    Having a breakfast in Chapters after a Sunday group ride


Good at: Long climbs / Hilly TT’s / Open Road Races

Goals for 2014

To Gain 2nd cat license, beat his PB for a 10m and 18m TT and basically enjoy another summers riding.

Random Fact:

Apparently Graeme is to competitive for his own good and is even banned from playing any type of board games with his family.

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