Dave Kirton

Name: Dave   kirtonAge: age 39Dave has been a member of the Cleveland Wheelers since 1992 and before that Teesside Clarion.

According to the man himself, his cycling ability has improved over the years and especially as he’s got older. Apparently his consistency was a bit intermittent at the start but after targeting longer and hard events such as Sportive rides and then eventually the Marmotte event in France he became more consistent. Who would have known looking at him now?

Last year Dave was able to reverse the middle age spread and lost 10lb which improved his climbing ability dramatically which aided him in his attempt at the Alpe d’huez TT. He rode up there like a man possessed and with a time of 51.47, notes it as one of his greatest achievements and one of the few great rides a person can do in a lifetime.

Dave is one of the most consistent riders in the club and with a big diesel engine (which does occasionally splutter from time to time) is able to put people in trouble whatever the terrain. Although he denies it and says he’s not bothered, he’s very competitive even if its just a Sunday Club run or Time Trial. You know he means business when he pops a polo and pulls on his race face on the start line.


Carlton bank fastest Cleveland Wheeler 1994,

Evening series TT joint first 2010 and overall winner 2013,

3rd place Oliver’s mount 4th cat 2013


Cycling in the mountains on holidays abroad.

Organising and riding local challenge rides.

Riding long solo century   rides although I don’t have much time for that now, riding to Castleton tea   shop.


Long climbs, Hilly time trials, descending.

Aims for 2014.

I have always struggled with road racing and had very limited   success, however after 3 years of riding various croft races and with my   improved ability I would like to give racing another go and hope to achieve   my 3rd cat licence and it would be nice to get a podium place.

Interesting fact.

I have a fleet of 12   bikes including the 2nd of 2 steel 531 frames I built myself in my dad’s   garage in 1990/91. The Mk 1 bike I sold a few years ago and is still being   ridden in the area. The Mk 2 I have refitted with 9speed campagnolo record   and I use it now as a cafe stop bike.


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