For convenience the routes section is divided into three categories whose titles hopefully speak for themselves; Flat/Winter, Hilly and Challenge/Sportive. This also serves to break the list of routes into more convenient chunks, as there are a fair few routes to choose from!

Flat/Winter Routes
Typically 40-45 miles with 2000 or less feet of climbing. For the most part these head west of Great Ayton, out past Hutton Rudby and sometimes as far as Northallerton.
The routes can be found here.

Hilly Routes
Typically 40 to 50 miles with 3000 or more feet of climb. These routes generally head south or south-east of Great Ayton, into the North Yorks Moors and East Cleveland. Attention should be paid to the weather when thinking about these routes, especially outside of the height of summer.
The routes can be found here.

Challenge/Sportive/Special Routes
These routes are a little more “outsize” than the usual. They may be flat, but longer in length, or even more hilly than usual (sometimes up to 7000 feet). Some are “challenge rides” that have a set time limit.
The routes can be found here.