Club Clothing 2

Instructions for ordering club kit

There are some changes to the way club clothing will be ordered. Shaun O’Shea has taken over the position of the club’s kit man from Dave Kirton. He will be responsible for receiving your orders, liaising with the supplier and receiving and distributing the delivered goods.

Our clothing supplier continues to be CSC (Custom Sports Clothing) and they are now offering an extended range of items. There are further details are on the new order form (courtesy of Anthony Moy) which can be viewed as an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) or, if you can’t open that, as a pdf document.

Look at the style and zip length etc. Sizing is normal, not mad Italian sizing. If you are not sure ask another member who is about your size. Hopefully there will be a simplified sizing guide available soon. There will also be samples of the new and improved winter jackets plus arm and leg warmers. Caps and over socks are also available now.

As before it’s planned to have a rolling order schedule. Once one order has been delivered and distributed another will start to be put together. It’s envisaged that there will be approximately three months between orders. The order deadline will be published in the club calendar and also on the sidebar on the club website. Note that individuals are unable to order directly from CSC as they have a minimum order requirement.

If you are only ordering one or two items just email, text or tell Shaun, but if there are several items then please complete the order form. The total amount for each item is on the spreadsheet including VAT. There is no VAT on children’s kit.

You can pay by any of the following methods:- Cash, cheque to S. O’Shea or Paypal to shaun o'shea email address (remember to click “friend and family”). Shaun can also accept bank transfers, please contact him for details. Note that payment in full is required before your order can be sent off.

It’s taking about eight weeks from ordering to delivery of the kit so please try to plan ahead.

Shaun’s contact details are as follows :-

  • Email – Use this contact form
  • Telephone – 07811 108571 / 01642 312313
  • Address – 2, Watchgate, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, TS7 0QS (see map)

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