Ormesby Bank

Distance 1.15 miles

Max Gradient about 10% near the top

Where do you find it?

Surely you all know where this is don’t you!? For those who don’t you can follow the B1380 from the east (Eston side) or the west (Middlesbrough side past Stewart Park) or from the south along Cargo Fleet Lane. The climb starts at the roundabout.


No I’m not joking! It had to be in, a climb is a climb and this is a local legend, isn’t it? It’s probably the steepest and most well known hill in Middlesbrough and one almost every cyclist in the area will be familiar with as it is one of the main escape routes to access the popular cycling areas around Great Ayton and Stokesley. Taken from the roundabout the climb is surprisingly long at over a mile, admittedly the first half mile or so is just a gentle slope or around 3% or so but it does kick up to about 10% for a short section just before the top. It’s pretty straight and the surface is good, it’s even got a stretch of cycle lane alongside it on the steepest bit. On the downside traffic is often heavy which means that as a descent it’s difficult to enjoy it for fear of traffic pulling out from the estates on either side of the road, if you ignore these potential perils 40mph is easily achievable.

It is the sort of climb where you can get into a rhythm and try to keep the pace high and see if you can keep it there as you approach the steepest bit. Or you could put it in a low gear and just twiddle up without any fear of not making it. Today I did it alone on the way home from work, I managed it on my fixed in 42×15 and it was quite manageable, although I had to get out of the saddle near the top. Manageable for almost everyone, including those new to cycling.

Our Ratings and Comments:

Paul – 2 ‘a climb for all the family!’

Note the ratings are :-

  1. Where’s the slope?
  2. No problem
  3. Big ring
  4. Spinning a gear
  5. It’s a difficult one (a homage to Sean Kelly)
  6. Light up all the boilers!
  7. Handlebar snapper
  8. Licking the front wheel
  9. Dinner plate required
  10. Fetch a nurse!

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