Ladhill Beck Bank (Hawnby)

Distance 0.46 miles

Max Gradient claimed 33%

Where do you find it?

Firstly make your way to Osmotherley, then descend down through the village, taking the left as for Chequers climb rather than carrying on to Thimbleby. Climb Chequers and then carry on all the way to the village of Hawnby. This really is an exceptional stretch of road with a few lumps and bumps to contend with so you’ll be fully warmed up by the time you approach the village. Just before you enter the village there is a sharp left taking you down a steep twisty 25% slope making it an interesting approach(care required here, especially when wet). The climb starts at the bottom of the descent.


This is a hill in two parts. The first section is very steep and maybe even achieves the claimed maximum gradient for a very short section. It twists sharp right, left, then right again and though steep lasts only for about 0.15 miles, long enough to get the heart rate up though. Watch out for wheel slip when wet but be prepared to get out of the saddle. It then dips for a short distance (at the point in photo 3) before rising again at a testing but not too steep gradient, maybe 10% before easing gently to the top. You now have a great view down into Bilsdale and a testing, yet thrilling, descent to get there.


It’s steep and twisty, knock all speed off at the bottom near bridge over the beck or risk coming off.

Dave’s Sheep Rating (out of 5)

None! Not a peep, or should I say baa!


The start
The start
Approaching, if not quite, 33%!
Approaching, if not quite, 33%!
The upper section, Iain is the red dot at the top.
The upper section, Iain is the red dot at the top.

Our Ratings and Comments

  • Paul 3/4. I first did this at the age of 15! Yes that long ago and I remember having to get off because the steepness caught me out. It is very steep at the bottom and you can’t carry any speed on the approach descent because of the tight bend at the bottom. Top tip – get in the small ring and up the rear sprockets on the approach descent because there really is no time to go down through the gears once you start the climb. This was new Cleveland Wheeler Iain’s first venture out this way having just taken up cycling, did I feel guilty not telling him about this climb? Not really!
  • Iain. Incredibly steep, I turned blue in the face!

Note the ratings are :-

    1. Where’s the slope?
    2. No problem
    3. Big ring
    4. Spinning a gear
    5. It’s a difficult one (a homage to Sean Kelly)
    6. Light up all the boilers!
    7. Handlebar snapper
    8. Licking the front wheel
    9. Dinner plate required
    10. Fetch a nurse!

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