Retro Club Ride

Cleveland Wheelers Retro Club Ride

Saturday 30th August 2014, 10.30am, Stokesley Town Hall

Time to get out the classic steed or dig out that old 1970’s Raleigh or Peugeot from the shed. Or maybe you fancy doing it on a Chopper, Shopper or a Grifter? Whatever you decide you have plenty of time to get it working or beg, borrow or steal something suitable, well maybe not steal, that would be bad.

Entering into the spirit of the ride is the main thing, you might even want to wear old woollen cycling kit, if you do then we applaud you.

The ride will be easy paced round fairly easy terrain, but we have thrown Clay Bank in for a laugh. There is a competition, well there has to be doesn’t there! But it’s not for the fastest rider, details are below. Café stop at the end and presentation of the first Retro Club Ride trophy.

See route on RidewithGPS.

See event poster.

To do the ride we simply ask that you turn up on a bike from the last century, pre the year 2000. But this is very much the ‘B standard’ why not aim higher for the ‘A or Gold Standard’ and the points attached that could win you the trophy. So there are no arguments this is what you need to aim for:


  • Steel frame/forks 2 points
  • Lugged carbon or aluminium or magnesium 1 point

Gears Shifting

  • Down tube or bar end shifters (indexed) 1 point
  • Friction gears 2 points
  • Sturmey Archer 3 speed gears 2 points
  • Fixed 2 points

Number of Gears

  • 7 speed block 1 point
  • 6 speed block 2 points
  • 5 speed block/fixed/Sturmey Archer 3 points
  • Something even more antiquated 4 points


  • Toe clips and straps 1 point
  • ‘Proper’ saddlebag determined by the Bevis method 1 point
  • Old (not one just bought) woollen cycle top or similar 1 point
  • Pre 2nd World War bike 1 point
  • Pre 1st World War bike 2 points
  • Riding a Chopper/Grifter up Clay Bank without dabbing 1 point

Up to 5 further points to be awarded at the organiser’s discretion for the most impressive combination of bike and attire

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