Research Request

Dear all at Cleveland Wheelers,

My name is Dr Alister McCormick. I am a researcher at Plymouth Marjon University. I am contacting you about a piece of research that we are conducting into the mental aspects of road cycling, triathlon, and running.

We intend to use the findings to benefit road cyclists, such as members of Cleveland Wheelers. The main aim of our research is to help people to find and use guidance on mental aspects of training (e.g., setting goals, getting motivated), preparing (e.g., getting “in the zone”, dealing with nerves), and performing in events (e.g., pushing through exertion and pain, coping with problems), so that they perform better and have a more satisfying experience.

To help with the research, we are looking for people (age 18 and older) who participate either competitively or non-competitively in road cycling events (time trials, road races, or sportives), triathlons, or running events (5km and further, e.g., Parkruns, 10km runs, half-marathons) to complete a one-off, short survey.

If you could share this message with members of Cleveland Wheelers (and other relevant contacts that you have), then it would be much appreciated. Help from road cyclists, triathletes, and runners is very important for the research, and will be used to help people to find and use guidance on mental parts of training, preparing, and performing.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Thank you for your time.

To complete the survey, the URL is:

Best wishes,


Evening Series, 20/07/2017

Here is the timekeeper’s sheet from tonight’s TT. 

A nice diverse turn-out with a tandem and two hand-cyclists. Great to see Ian & Jade, looking forward to having them compete again.

CWCC Velodrome Sessions

We would just like to give a quick update regarding the CWCC Track Sessions at MSV Velodrome.

We are holding them on Saturday mornings 10:00am-11:00am. The first official session is this Saturday, 22nd of July 2017. £5 a session. These are always weather permitting, any cancellations will be posted ahead of time as soon as possible, on our members’ Facebook page, our open Facebook page and our website, which is also getting a dedicated Track Page with all of the above details.

Any further questions could you please direct them towards our very own Track Coach in Richard Carter.

Thank you

League 2000, 17/07/2017

A photo roundup from last night’s extremely warm & sunny League 2000.

We’re not blessed with many evenings as lovely as last night, but regardless of the weather participation this year has been extremely good, averaging over 80 children per week. You can see by the look on some of the smaller ones’ faces just how much they love the event.

Skills Course

Rachel from Stockton Wheelers ends up helping almost every week, despite also competing herself. We’re indebted to everyone who helps out at the event.

League 2000 L2K 17-07-2017 18-41-53

Time Trial

Wheelers’ legendary timekeeper Bill keeps an eagle eye on proceedings. Bill times at League 2000 every week, as well as the CWCC evening series and most of our open events.

League 2000 L2K 17-07-2017 19-15-12

Lewis waiting for his race to begin. The 5 lapper is the last event of the night.

League 2000 L2K 17-07-2017 19-20-42

The last events of the night are the races, ranging from 2 small laps for the youngest up to 5 full laps for the oldest and fastest.

Get yourself along to the next event, we’d love to see you there.

Evening Series Week 11 – 13 July 2017

Here’s the timekeeper’s sheet from tonight’s event.