JRT – Introduction

A Tanfield riding the National Junior Road Race Series, with the Cleveland Wheelers emblazoned across his chest. Who’d have thought?

Harking back to the latter years of 1990s, the Wheelers Junior team of Iain Childes, Martyn Dobson (RIP), Andrew Jackson and Dan Smith were trotting round the UK making a mark. A stage win in the Junior Tour of Wales, a silver in the Junior National Road Champs, medals in the National track – the yellow chevrons of the Cleveland were a well-respected menace in the peloton. Forward wind 20 years, and we’re back, but with a foundation bigger and better than before. An unlikely scenario some might say.

“You have no junior riders. Who wants to race for a Wheelers team?!”, “You’re not a race-team, you’re a club for choppers and Strava whoppers Hahaha!” – But Boom! We’re back. Give a massive welcome return to:

Croft Killer, the Prince of Prissick and 2017 Cleveland Track League Champion – Aaron Preston; 2nd Category 57 kg climbing supremo Ross Turner; and… the widely believed best talented Tanfield of the trio of Tanfields –Toby Tanfield.

This is the culmination of work from the subcommittee of Andy Curson, Shaun O’Shea and myself. Much thanks to our sponsors: Catley Lakeman Securities, Arctic Paper, Avion Vetements, Godleys Cycles, MuleBar, and SoloPress.

Objectives for the season ahead are focused in the National Junior road race series, but the team will also be prominent in the NE peloton and training rides. Mixing racing with studying, do the boys have time for ­­­ other hobbies? Well yes – Toby, studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry A-level, last week made a tidy £300 on the bitcoin wave, and harbours long term lofty ambitions of never having to do a hard day’s graft. Ross is following a more pragmatic Electrical Engineering course of study, and making time to work part time in Godley’s Cycles, whilst Aaron has an eclectic mix of Biology, Business Studies, and Sport, and the total rebuild of an aging Citroen 2CV to keep himself out of mischief.

With a fun-filled, high-achieving team ethos and the lure of filthy ale and sneaky women kept in check the Wheelers are expecting a 2018 to be a year where the bacon is brought home once again.

Keep an eye out for Twitter trends, Instagram action and Facebook farce. And do give the boys a shout-out when you see them toiling in their winter training.

Marcus Smith