League 2000

League 2000, 17/07/2017

A photo roundup from last night’s extremely warm & sunny League 2000.

We’re not blessed with many evenings as lovely as last night, but regardless of the weather participation this year has been extremely good, averaging over 80 children per week. You can see by the look on some of the smaller ones’ faces just how much they love the event.

Skills Course

Rachel from Stockton Wheelers ends up helping almost every week, despite also competing herself. We’re indebted to everyone who helps out at the event.

League 2000 L2K 17-07-2017 18-41-53

Time Trial

Wheelers’ legendary timekeeper Bill keeps an eagle eye on proceedings. Bill times at League 2000 every week, as well as the CWCC evening series and most of our open events.

League 2000 L2K 17-07-2017 19-15-12

Lewis waiting for his race to begin. The 5 lapper is the last event of the night.

League 2000 L2K 17-07-2017 19-20-42

The last events of the night are the races, ranging from 2 small laps for the youngest up to 5 full laps for the oldest and fastest.

Get yourself along to the next event, we’d love to see you there.

Information League 2000

What Is League 2000?

Many people are very familiar with League 2000 but equally there will be a lot who don’t know what it’s all about, so this is by way of explanation and also a photo journal of a typical night at L2K.

L2K 22-04-2017 20-45-50

Basically, it’s a kind of stage race held at Prissick over the space of a few hours covering 12 Monday evenings from April to August (roughly, but not exactly, every 2 weeks).
There’s a skills course, a time trial and finally a handicapped road race (your handicap being based on your TT time), with points awarded for each stage to give an overall score on the night. These scores are added up week by week over summer to give an overall league table. Naturally, being open to children aged 4 to 16+, the league is split into age categories.

League 2000 has been running for over 20 years now, bringing pleasure to up to 100 children per session and being the launch pad for many of the region’s cyclists. It would not exist without the dedication of its full-time organisers and their on-the-night helpers and marshals who are drawn mainly from Cleveland Wheelers and the parents of the children taking part, all on a volunteer basis.

Hopefully this post this will encourage those who have children who they feel would benefit from and enjoy the activity to bring them along, and equally to encourage those who can spare a Monday night now and then come along and volunteer.

The photo-journal continues below:

League 2000

League 2000 2016

League 2000 enters its 20th year this year. We trust that once again it will prove to be as popular with the region’s young riders as it has in the past.
In order to help us make it work it would be great if as many people as possible could volunteer a little of their time to help out at a few sessions. The “Parental Involvement” form, below, gives more details, including who to contact.
For those of you wishing to enter, this year’s entry form is also below, as is the code of conduct expected of parents who are there supporting their children.
We look forward to seeing you all there in the coming months.

League 2000 Entry Form
Parental Involvement
Parental Code Of Conduct

Article League 2000

The Youth Scene

Some club members may be aware that the Cleveland Wheelers have a thriving Youth Scene with coaching every Monday night and The League 2000 but what is it all about and how did it all come to happen?

The story starts in the late 1980’s when some club members were ferrying their and other youngsters all around the country. These youngsters included David Fisher, Andrew Jackson, Phil West, Daniel Smith and Martyn Dobson. My involvement is that David is my Brother-in-Law. There was only a couple of road races in the North East at the time, how things have changed. In 1991 we decided that we should be organising youth races so started looking for a closed circuit, this was when Chris Smith said “What about the perimeter road around the Police HQ on Ladgate Lane?” So Chris and myself had a look and it was perfect.