Rosedale Chimney Bank

Distance 0.9 miles (from the warning sign at the bottom to the sign at the top) Max Gradient 33%, 1 in 3 in old money Where do you find it? If you live near Pickering or Kirbymoorside you have a relatively easy flat journey to Rosedale. If you live in the Teesside area you will […]

Community Information

Everest via Rosedale Chimney

A gent called Mike Metcalfe is going to be attempting to Everest Rosedale Chimney Bank at the weekend – he needs to do 50 reps without sleep. He’ll be starting around 06:00am on Saturday 23rd and going until he’s finished If anyone is out that way, or fancies building a ride around it, Mike would […]

Social Rides

Social Ride – Chimney Challenge

This is advance notice that the next social ride is planned for Sunday, 10 May. It’s the Chimney Challenge on Rosedale Chimney Bank. There are further details in the event flyer.

Heygate Bank (Rosedale)

Distance 0.81 miles Max Gradient 25% Where do you find it? It’s a long haul to get here if you live in the Teesside area and you will have already have travelled at least 20-30 miles to get to the foot of the climb. What’s more you will probably have already hauled yourself up the […]

Blakey Bank

Distance 1.16 miles Max Gradient 20% Where do you find it? Finding it is no problem, you simply drop down into Farndale, the physical effort to get there though is another matter. The most logical way to get there if you are going to include it in a ride from Teesside is to ride up […]