Evening Series Week 1 (23-07-2020)

Last night was the first event of this year’s curtailed Evening Series. It’s been a testing year for anyone used to group activities and it was quite a relief to get last night’s event on and for it to run so successfully at such short notice. Many thanks to those who took the time to organise it and to those who turned up to ride, without whom the event would be pointless.

Fastest on the night was Ross Turner at 19:34, who was also fastest road bike. Fastest female was Lauren Watson at 23:24.

This is a link to the full unaudited results. If you spot any mistakes do let us know ASAP.

Here is a link to an album of photos taken by CWCC resident photographer Michael Guess. Feel free to use any for non-commercial purposes.

See you all again next week!

Cleveland wheelers return to club runs / guidance

Hi Wheelers,

Following the governments relaxing of social distancing rules, British Cycling has announced that group rides of up to six riders are now permitted if social distancing and hygiene rules are followed. We are therefore wishing to tentatively reintroduce club group rides. But to do this we need your help.

We do not have enough established ride leaders to accommodate all who may wish to take part. And we have members who have recently joined who are keen to get involved with group rides.

We are therefore asking members to post proposed rides on our FB members group. (Let me know if you’re not in the group!) Simply include the start location and time, rough route, mileage and speed and invite members to join you. Once you have 5 positive responses the ride is full. If there are more than 5 responses the ride will need to split into two or more groups of no more than 6.

Please read British Cycling’s guidance attached. In particular:
• No more than 6 per group.
• No snotting or spitting. If you really can’t help it, ensure it is at the back of the group and not near any member of the public.
• Maintain social distancing.
• Give pedestrians (even on footpaths) and other cyclists 2 metres when passing.
• Do not attend if you have potential corona virus symptoms or you have been told to self isolate.

Club rides can resumes, meeting at Ayton tourist info car park ready to depart Sundays 09.30 and Tuesdays 18.10, but only if riders know who’s group they are in on arrival. It will not be possible to organise riders into groups whilst social distancing if large numbers turn up. As a club we cannot be seen to be ignoring government guidelines.

Please help us to reintroduce Covid-Safe club rides!

Dave k

Click to access The_Way_Forward_08-07-20.pdf

CWCC Youth Sessions & League 2000 Update

Message from Josef George, CWCC Youth Development Officer

Hello everyone,

Firstly, I would like to say, thank you for the responses from all the parents who got back to me regarding my previous email. I appreciate that you shared your opinion and thoughts on our sessions potentially restarting at Middlesbrough Sports Village (MSV). I’ve had lots of messages asking for an update so, hopefully, the information below will answer a lot of your questions.

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Update From British Cycling

Suspension of sanctioned cycling activity

All sanctioned cycling activity is currently suspended until 30 June 2020. While many of you have been enjoying the opportunity to ride recreationally, we appreciate that the cycling community is looking for direction and certainty on when club, group and competitive activity can resume.

In the absence of specific dates from the UK and devolved Governments, which are naturally hard to set, British Cycling is seeking to balance the desire to return to sanctioned cycling activity, where safe to do so, and concern for the health of people in our sport and in wider society. Because cycling encompasses a wide variety of activity, we are therefore proposing to move to a rolling suspension. This will apply to each of England, Scotland and Wales. The following position has been agreed with Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling, but we recognise that devolved government guidance may dictate that adjustments are required, including the dates we are working towards.

We have split activity into three broad categories: international and national level races; regional racing and non-competitive events; club and group activity.

1. International and national level races, including national series and championships

Here we are extending the suspension until 1 September 2020. We will review this on a fortnightly basis and we will give six weeks’ public notice of any extension or curtailment of the suspension. This means that the original dates for a number of national series and championship events across multiple disciplines are no longer feasible but we will endeavour to rearrange these events later in the calendar year if possible.

It is possible that the racing format in some of the disciplines, for example outdoor individual events, may return sooner than others if appropriate measures can be put in place to manage the risk in line with Government guidance and any guidance that we put in place. In all cases we will carefully consider the options available including reasonable measures that can be introduced to manage the safety of the events to manage the safety of participants, volunteers and the general public.

2. Regional racing and non-competitive events e.g. sportives

Currently we believe that regional races are more likely to return sooner due to shorter travel distances, fewer event personnel involved and the expectation that they will attract lower spectator numbers. However, due to the current Government guidelines on social distancing we feel that now is the right time to extend the suspension to the 1 August 2020. We will review this on a fortnightly basis and we will give four weeks’ notice of any extension or curtailment of the suspension.

As with international and national racing, we will adopt a risk management approach which means that some disciplines or events can return ahead others if the format allows the safety of all to be managed appropriately.

We have also taken the decision to extend the suspension to the 1 August 2020 for Sportives and other non-competitive events. As with regional racing, we will review this on a fortnightly basis and we will give four weeks’ notice of any extension or curtailment of the extension.

3. Club and group activity

The third category of activity is other club and group activity, such as coaching, instructing and leading, club rides, HSBC UK Breeze rides and similar. It is likely that these activities can be reintroduced at shorter notice, with a greater degree of flexibility, with appropriate guidance and measures to manage risk ensuring compliance with Government guidelines and emerging industry best practice. As such we will be extending the current suspension until 4 July 2020 to be consistent with the stages announced by Government. We will review this on a fortnightly basis and we will give two weeks’ notice of any changes.

Great Britain Cycling Team

We are working with UK Sport and the HSBC UK National Cycling Centre to manage the return to training for the Great Britain Cycling Team in accordance with the government guidance published on 13th May 2020.

What happens next

We appreciate that these are challenging times for many and while there will be differing views from our membership we want to reassure everyone that our overriding principle is to work within Government guidelines and to respect people’s safety.

We are also mindful that the public health guidelines are likely to differ in each home country and we are working hard behind the scenes with our colleagues at Scottish Cycling, Welsh Cycling, Sport England, UK Sport, within Government and those in other sports to develop clear guidance and plans to gradually return to activity.

We plan to publish next month guidelines on what a staged return to all forms of activity might look like. This is a changing situation but we are committed to updating all those who care for our sport as often as we can and with as much information as we can.

Online Activities During Lockdown

We currently have various activities with club members participating online which may interest some of our members.

If anyone has any questions or advice on setups etc for the below please ask on the Members Facebook group.

Currently the most popular online riding platform.
We have the most activity going on here currently with the following.

Youth Training
Monday nights at 4:30pm with 2 or 3 of our usual coaches generally led by John Horlock with Anthony Moy assisting. We are looking to introduce video/audio communication to this to better aid instructions and discussion.
Free youth accounts are available on Zwift.

Team Time Trial
Described by one of our top riders as “the most fun he’s had on a bike in years”…
Thursday is TTT day on Zwift which we have had a team of up to 8 riders competing in over the last 4 weeks.
If anybody wants to get involved there is often a spot in the current team available on the day or we can easily set up a second team in a different time slot.
We do require the use of a accurate smart trainer or power meter to ensure relative fairness.

Zwift Racing
We have multiple riders who race fairly regularly in the multitude of events available on the platform. Currently we are in the middle of the Tour for All but there are short 20 minute Crit Races to multi hour efforts and Time trials with no drafting.
This weekend we are tyring to get as many lined up during a race up the Alpe and use video chat to “encourage” each other to get under the hour or record a new PR.
A smart trainer or power meter isn’t required but you’ll generally be removed from the “official” results on Zwift Power if you use a “dumb” trainer and speed sensor.
We have a club team setup on Zwift Power also.

We aren’t currently running any meetups on Zwift but if anyone wishes to lead any please do. Throw in video chat on your favourite application for a cruise and a chat or to shout go at the start of a mini race.
Other Options
And there’s always just riding on Zwift or organised group rides or badge hunting.
Useful Zwift resources

Other online cycling platforms are available but are less used by us currently

An online training environment with a recent addition to complete workouts in a group online via video connection.
We have a few members who have a limited amount of free introductory offers if anyone wishes to try this.
We do have a “Team” setup up but it’s of limited use at this time.

The Sufferfest
An online training environment with a free 14-day trial available.

Road Grand Tours
The CTT is running a weekly 10 mile time trial on the platform
The Cycling Podcast is running a virtual Giro

Our Giro

Other Online Presence
For those more active outside (I remember outside, cold and wet isn’t it) we have the following to amuse you.

Strava Club

Veloviewer Segment Leaderboard

Complete the 365

Manually tick off Paul Christon’s climbs list

If you need any further advice or information contact Steve Tilly, Anthony Moy, John Horlock or Tom Levell by whatever means is easiest for you.