Monday Night Adult Training

Don’t forget, now that the dark nights have returned Prissick training has resumed. 19:20 sign on for a 19:30 start. Encouragement is free, you only pay to hire the track (£4).

A variety of drills & events will focus on fitness, bike handling skills and group riding skills.  The drills are as tough as you make them and (usually!) a lot of fun.

All abilities, genders and fitness levels catered for, the only requirements are that you have your own bike, can ride it, and are over 14 years of age. Members and non-members equally welcome.

Let’s see if we can get some good numbers for these sessions!

CWCC Hill Climb – Clay Bank

Many thanks to Brian Gleeson for his report and photos from the Hill Climb which have been published in the sports section (page 84) of this week’s Darlington and Stockton Times.

John Kettle, Ben White, Peter Hook, Gemma Pearson, Howard Heighton and Ross Turner feature in the photos.

The article can be found online at

Club membership renewals for 2018-19

Hi, wheelers. It’s that membership renewal time of year again for 2018-19. I know you’re all so keen to rejoin!

As many of you may already know the membership fee has had to be raised to £15, this is due to increasing costs and a reduction in funds coming in from elsewhere such as the evening series. The membership fee has been £10 since before I joined up in 1992, that’s a long time. I hope you all agree that the Cleveland Wheelers remains great value for money and I hope you have all enjoyed your cycling year with us. Anyhow please find below the best ways to pay your £15 membership. The deadline for renewals is Nov 30th after which point you lose the benefits of Cleveland wheelers membership. So please don’t delay.

The online payment is the preferred option. It’s easier for me, and easier for you. Just follow the link below to renew. Just to note that unfortunately the SES system does not recognise existing members so please just complete all the fields as if you are a new member regardless of how long you have been with the club. The system is just a means of payment, plus we can keep your details updated at the same time (please note there is an SES admin charge of 60p ). I won’t be sending confirmation emails as the SES system sends you a receipt anyway.

Renew by clicking here.

Anyone who wishes to pay by cash I will be available to take payment at club runs and various other Cleveland wheelers venues, or simply stick it through my door with a note.
The renewal fee is £15 adults, under 18s are free. Josef George keeps a record of all our under 18s membership now. I don’t believe Josef needs parents to take any action, although he is after consent forms from any parents who haven’t already completed one. Josef will send you more info on this soon no doubt.

You can also pay by cheque made payable to Cleveland Wheelers and post it through my door.


If you’re posting cheques then please check with me that it has arrived as they have a habit of going missing in the post! I don’t take bank transfers or PayPal as we have the online system in place and things become too complicated.

For anyone who isn’t planning on rejoining the club, please also just let me know. It’s much easier that way.

Please disregard this email if your an over 70s life member, honorary member, have paid recently or you joined the club on or after July 1st of this year in which case you should have already received an email from me asking you to disregard membership reminders. Any questions regarding your membership status then please just let me know.

Thanks, Dave

Results – Clay Bank Hillclimb 2018

Congratulations to Peter Hook of VC York on his success in this year’s CWCC Hillclimb. He narrowly beat Ross Turner into second place, who in turn beat Aaron Preston by the narrowest margin possible! The forced move to the new course proved for some very tight racing with some very close times, as well as giving an excellent overall experience for spectators. Full & categorised times can be found below.

CWCC wishes to thank all those who took part in the event, those who helped out on the day and in advance (particularly with the details/paperwork around the new course), those who came to watch and encourage and last, but not least, The House Designerwear, Yarm for their continued support of this event.


Peter Hook VC York 00:03:22
Ross Turner Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:03:29
Aaron Preston Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:03:30


Hannah Farran Boompods EDCO NRG 00:04:32
Gemma Pearson Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:04:53
Nikki Metcalfe Prima Team Racing 00:06:11


Brian Oakley Whitby Whs 0:04:04
Paul Thirling Hartlepool CC 0:04:12
David Kirton Cleveland Wheelers CC 0:04:24


Mark Snape Fietsen Tempo 0:03:59**
Mark Campbell Fietsen Tempo 0:04:21
Timothy Swales Cleveland Wheelers CC 0:04:23

** Winner of Rob Hughes Memorial Shield (Fastest Teesside Veteran)


Hilton Armstrong Fietsen Tempo 0:04:37
Ian Hutchinson Cleveland Wheelers CC 0:04:54
Neil Johnson Stockton Wheelers CC 0:05:03


John Kettle Cleveland Wheelers CC 0:06:30


Ross Turner Cleveland Wheelers CC 0:03:29
Aaron Preston Cleveland Wheelers CC 0:03:30
Joe Wilson Ribble Pro Cycling 0:03:36


Ben White Stockton Wheelers CC 0:04:34
Luke Robinson Fietsen Tempo 0:04:41
Owen Massey Stockton Wheelers CC 0:05:11

Full Results

Name Club Time
Peter Hook VC York 00:03:22
Ross Turner Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:03:29
Aaron Preston Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:03:30
Joe Wilson Ribble Pro Cycling 00:03:36
Toby Tanfield Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:03:37
Richard Lilleker Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:03:37
David Cole Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:03:42
Mark Pinder AIMS Cycling 00:03:45
Brian Ward Team Profound SB 00:03:48
Michael Harcourt Adept Cycling 00:03:49
John Sample Team Profound SB 00:03:56
Mark Snape Fietsen Tempo 00:03:59
Philip Wheatley AIMS Cycling 00:04:01
Brian Oakley Whitby Whs 00:04:04
Clive Upton Hambleton RC 00:04:09
Paul Thirling Hartlepool CC 00:04:12
Sam Leng Manilla Cycling 00:04:13
Christopher Murkin AIMS Cycling 00:04:14
Mark Campbell Fietsen Tempo 00:04:21
Benjamin Massey Stockton Wheelers CC 00:04:23
Timothy Swales Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:04:23
David Kirton Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:04:24
Tom Levell Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:04:27
David Robinson Fietsen Tempo 00:04:28
Stuart Neilson Fietsen Tempo 00:04:29
Steven Bell Fietsen Tempo 00:04:30
Peter Greenan Ferryhill Whs 00:04:32
Hannah Farran Boompods EDCO NRG 00:04:32
Ben White Stockton Wheelers CC 00:04:34
Andrew Donald AIMS Cycling 00:04:34
Howard Heighton Ferryhill Whs 00:04:36
Hilton Armstrong Fietsen Tempo 00:04:37
Luke Robinson Fietsen Tempo 00:04:41
Gemma Pearson Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:04:53
Ian Hutchinson Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:04:54
Derek York Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:05:03
Neil Johnson Stockton Wheelers CC 00:05:03
Owen Massey Stockton Wheelers CC 00:05:11
Sam White Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:05:33
Gavin Chatto Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:05:37
Simon Nicklin Fietsen Tempo 00:05:40
Peter Bell Fietsen Tempo 00:06:02
Alain White Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:06:07
Nikki Metcalfe Prima Team Racing 00:06:11
John Kettle Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:06:30
Rohan Rayner-smith Darlington Cycling Club 00:09:31*
Phil Wright Hartlepool CC DNF
Patrick Kilcullen Stockton Wheelers CC DNS(A)
*includes 5 minute penalty for late start

A PDF of the results can be found here.

Clay Bank Hill Climb – 30 Sept 2018

Thanks to Brian Gleeson & Michael Guess for their photographs of today’s action on Clay Bank and at the prize presentation afterwards.

Thanks also to the riders, marshals, helpers and spectators who made this event a success and lastly  The House, Yarm for their continued sponsorship.

As always, feel free to download any photos for your own personal use.