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Here’s a little table that shows how many visitors our website gets. OK, we’re not going to be rivalling The BBC or Huffington Post, but the site is by us, for us. And with 300 site visits a day, it seems to be reaching everyone, vindicating the efforts that John Kelly and his fellow contributors have put in.

Site Stats

Easy paced rides. Sat 25th, Sun 26th

Hi wheelers and guests. We are going to run the easy paced group this Saturday and Sunday again after some success last week. This group is aimed at those who would like to ride with us but haven’t the speed or confidence to go with our existing steady group which does 16/17mph. This weekend looks a bit windy again but should be rideable. Meet both days at Ayton tourist info car park. Saturday will change to 10.30am depart to give some people time to get from the park run so please be there about 10.20. On Sunday I’m going to make it 09.30 start again so it doesn’t clash with the established club run groups as this will cause confusion so please be there Sunday for 09.20. Both rides will be aprox 14 to 15mph or the pace of the steadiest rider and will be in a group formation taking turns at the front in to the wind, about 2 hrs with cafe stop at the end. I’m unable to attend this weekend but experienced hands Paul Christon and Shaun O’Shea will be there to look after the group. It’s my intention that once established this group will manage itself. Enjoy your ride. Dave k

Trophy Awards

Please can eligible members pass their time trial and track results to Racing Secretary Marcus Smith to be considered for the trophies and awards for the 2014 season.

Many Thanks

Club Communications

You’re probably all used to getting spam communications from our membership secretary, Dave Kirton, but lately I’ve taken part of that burden from him and have sent out a couple of club-wide emails.
The trouble with things like that is that you have no idea if people actually get to see them. They could end up in a junk folder or a spam folder and no one would be any the wiser.
Can I ask everyone to check their spam and junk and see if they’ve had any emails from me (I sent one today, Tuesday 21st) and they ought to be from If it’s in spam or junk, do whatever you need to to make it not go there in future. Unless that’s where you actually want them to go… But I promise, my emails aren’t half as dull as Dave’s ;-)


Riders 3rd party liability insurance BC/CTC

Hi club runners and guest riders. After our recent look in to liability issues, we would like everyone that rides with us to have at least the minimum 3rd party liability insurance and also join the club if you ride with us regularly. You can join 2nd claim if you currently ride for another club/team. Please check out the links below. The British cycling ‘ride’ membership £16 (normally £32) seems the cheapest as you get £20 of In your first year if you quote “NEWCMRA” or “NEWCMRD” and you are a member of the Cleveland wheelers as we pay money to be affiliated to BC and CTC. Also check out the CTC cover if you would prefer their membership benefits. Thanks Dave k–0


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